In previous posts, there is a world filled with legends and myths. We’ve already drawn mythological people that hail from Britain, Japan, and Greece as well as Greece, and now we are now drawing an individual from Indian mythology. The topic of today’s lesson is drawing Airavata.

Step 1
Make a big oval. this is the body of our mythical elephant. Then draw three circles. This is the head of Airavata. The first step should always be drawn using thin lines. When drawing these lines, bear in your mind that in the future we’ll have to erase these lines.

Step 2
We will outline three long trunks over three heads. Then you draw the four legs with simple geometric designs. The same as the preceding one is drawn with extremely thin lines that are almost transparent. Remember that the first two steps are vital because the mistakes made during these steps are extremely difficult to rectify in the subsequent steps.

Step 3
Let’s outline some of the specifics. In this sketch, we draw 3 pairs of tusks ears, eye nails, as well as clothing and nail elements. The 3-headed elephant is complete, and we put aside the lighter lines. From the next step, we start drawing very dark and clean lines.

Step 4
Make sure you draw all the details, as illustrated in the example. The lines should be smooth and dark and eliminate any unnecessary guidelines. Take care when drawing headdresses. wrinkles and eyes over the head of mythical elephants.

Step 5
Let’s now look at the specifics of the body. Like in the first step, drawing clear and dark lines and a pencil, draw the parts of the body. Take care to draw out the torso legs, legs, large nails, and clothing elements. Don’t forget to draw wrinkles around the body. Just like in the final step, we eliminate any guidelines that are not necessary.

A three-headed animal that was a part of Indian mythology. In the near future, we’ll draw many characters from the mythologies of India as well as other nations. Make sure to visit our website frequently so that you don’t miss any new creations created by our artists.

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