How to Draw a Zombie

A zombie is a dead corpse that can be revived through witchcraft. There are many beliefs about zombies that differ across religions.

Zombies of different faiths have the same behavior. They crave human flesh, and can make a person into a zombie if they are bitten.

How to Draw a Zombie Step-By-Step

1st Step:

To create the head of the Zombie, start by drawing a square on the upper part of your paper. Draw a semicircle around the head of the zombie to create its left and right ears.

2nd Step:

Two horizontal lines should be drawn right below the head of the zombie. The distance between the lines will depend on the thickness of the zombie’s torso. The larger the gap between the lines, the more muscular the zombie will appear.

3rd Step:

Below the shirt of the zombie, draw two diagonal lines. Draw a horizontally curving line connecting the ends of each endpoint. This creates the lower body.

4th Step:

To create a pair, place your feet on the floor by drawing a line underneath each leg of the trousers.

5th Step:

Draw a straight line along the neck of the zombie to complete the shirt.

6th Step:

Draw an arm with one hand underneath each sleeve. We believe that drawing a hand in the shape of a fist is the best way to do it. So, we did this step.

7th Step:

To make it more dramatic, you can draw an axe striking the top of the head of the zombie. The blade won’t be fully visible because it was struck into the skull of the zombie.

8th Step:

To create the eyes, draw two circles. Next, create a smaller circle in each eye.

9th Step:

Add some patterns and details to your drawing to make it more dramatic.

10th Step:

You can use any color for your clothing but you should make it look as dirty as possible. Make sure to also color blood stains in dark shades of red!

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