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In this tutorial, we will teach the students the art of drawing the hand of a zombie. This tutorial on drawing zombies’ hands is based upon our tutorial on drawing hands.

In reality, drawing a zombie’s hand isn’t as different from making any normal hand. To make the drawing appear more natural appearance it is essential to add a few particulars that we’ll be discussing in this guide.

You can observe in our illustration hand, that the zombie hand is drawn with a realistic look and is in line with the anatomy of this portion of our body. After this tutorial, we’ll include shadows to make the drawing more realistic.

It’s now time to move on to the instructions on drawing an undead hand.

Step 1

Then, begin sketching the zombie hand using the palm. By using loose and light lines sketch out the polygon like in our illustration. The width and the height of this geometric form should roughly match.

Step 2

Utilizing cylindrical

geometric shapes, draw out your fingers. Each finger is composed of three Phalanges. The middle finger is the largest, while the little finger should be the tiniest. The little ring fingers should be bent slightly to give a natural look.

Step 3

Make a few lines to sketch out your thumb. It should be thicker than the other fingers and be a slightly different form. Then, using two simple lines, draw out the forearm. It will appear to taper slightly from the wrist’s lower.

Step 4

It’s now time to add more detail to the design. Make use of smooth lines to draw every detail, connecting the lines and creating an appearance that is more natural. Draw nails on your fingers so that they can be seen. Draw lines that are smooth and curved to draw folds onto the palm.

Step 5

Eliminate all unneeded guidelines from the hands of the zombie. Draw all the lines that are necessary. Include additional folds as needed. Remember that during making drawings, it is important to continuously compare the drawings with one another and check for any mistakes to rectify them as soon as possible.

Step 7

For the hank to appear more like a zombie’s hand You need to include scuffs and scratches like in our illustration. To make your work appear more authentic and natural and convincing, you should include shadows with hatching. We discussed this in greater depth in our article on lighting as well as shadow.

The hand drawing tutorial for zombies has ended, and it’s time to make sense of the information you’ve learned. To accomplish this, you have to draw this particular detail in various postures and from various perspectives. Also, it is important to practice and then try repeating this drawing using the hand of the zombie with a few modifications.

If you’re looking to learn how to draw creatures, you can visit our category titled Myths and Legends. You will find instructional videos covering a range of monsters from fairy stories, urban legends, and old myths.



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