How to Draw a Zombie for Beginners

How to Draw a Zombie for Beginners

Step 1:

Create a circle for the skull head guide , then draw the lines for the jaw and face.

Step 2:

Begin by drawing the outline for the skull’s skull. draw the outline of the brow.

Step 3:

Incorporate to the inner hollows of your eye , and definition lines to form the skull grooves and cheekbone. Also, you will need to draw the contour of the nose.

Step 4:

Create the jaw structure , and then incorporate the tooth designs.

Step 5:

Draw your teeth into the mouth then draw out a lengthy, disgusting look slithering tongue.

Step 6:

Finally then, you should add the slim drip from the tongue and the head. Remove the guides and mistakes.

Step 7:

Line art ought to look similar to the illustration that you can see here.

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