How to Draw a Zipper -

How to Draw a Zipper

How to Draw a Zipper

The category Clothing is among the most popular categories on To draw a variety of items of clothing, you’ll need to know what it takes to draw the zipper. Drawing a zipper can be very beneficial for those who want to draw a jacket or similar objects.

We have decided to design only a tiny portion of the zipper. However, you are able to stretch this element. What do you need to know to draw the zipper? First, you must be a pencil either a graphic tablet or paper. In addition, you must have an optimistic mood and the desire to draw the zipper. If everything is in place, we can begin!


Step 1

First, let’s depict some auxiliary lines. Straight lines should be extremely light, and almost transparent. The zipper should be half-open.




Step 2

Next, draw the lines that are the outermost part of the chain. The lines will almost replicate the lines drawn in the first stage.




Step 3

Let’s draw tapes around the chain of zippers. The lines must be thin enough, like the artists from in the illustration below.




Step 4

Let’s make our zipper design cool and attractive. For this, create the chain and then draw the lines of a short series that are located at exactly the same distance as the other.




Step 5

This is the main part of the tutorial is how to draw the zipper. Draw a slider like the artists from did in the image lower.




Step 6

Take an eraser and clean all lines from the sketch of the zipper. Then, trace the sketch using ink or pencil that is darker to ensure that the drawing of the zipper is more precise and real.




Step 7

Let’s draw the zipper. It is possible to paint it with gray colors, like in the example provided by the artists from, and any color you want.




If you’re able to follow the following lines, then most likely, you’ve learned to draw the zipper. The next step is to sketch the coolest clothes you can imagine and then include the zipper in this article. You can also visit our category called Clothing to learn the subtleties of fashion.

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