The team from 3dvkarts will tell you how to draw a head of a zebra. With the aid of these principles and tips to be demonstrated in this lesson, you will be able to draw not just the heads of zebras but also the head of a donkey or horse because the fundamentals for drawing the heads of the two animals are very similar.

Step 1
Make use of a pencil to create an outline of a circle, a line around the circle, and one line that is simply below the circle. It’s more like a Chupa but rather than a zebra’s head however, it’s only temporary.

Step 2
In the next step, we draw in the long muzzles of our zebra, and two lines for the neck as the artists of our group did. The neck curves smoothly towards the head. The face of the zebra we’re drawing appears to be an unconstrained cone. Do not try drawing perfectly straight lines and symmetrical ones.

Step 3
Draw the eye, which should be placed along the vertical line. Make small additions like the nostrils, ears mouth, and the contours of the hair. The facial aspects of our animals are tiny and round. The mane appears to be an elongated flowing line that flows from the head up to the body.

Step 4
Utilizing clear and extremely fluid lines, sketch out the outline of the head as well as all the details. The top part of your head is a short vertical shading. Make sure you include the smallest aspects like skin folds and the ear rims. Remember that you must erase all the guidelines that were provided by us in the initial steps.

Step 5
Let’s begin with strips. To avoid getting confused, first sketch their outlines. The zebra’s mane is also striped. This follows from neck strips.

Step 6
Then paint the stripes solid black. You can also add shadows by making hatches. In certain places like the region of the muzzle’s tip paint a few weakly areas, namely areas where light fall.

If this lesson helped you learn how to draw a zebra’s head If so, then our effort was worthwhile. In general, we strive to create the most beneficial and fascinating lessons that will help anyone learn to draw since it’s at all in vain that our website is dubbed 3dvkarts. If you’d like to learn more information about animals, and not just animals, then take our lessons to share and talk about us to anyone that is curious about the subject of the drawing. This will increase the popularity of our website which will have a beneficial effect on our ability to create new tutorials.


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