In this drawing lesson, The team at will demonstrate the steps to draw a zebra’s face. If you follow the steps correctly you’ll be able to draw an accurate drawing of a zebra’s head.

Utilizing the techniques we discussed earlier, we’ll teach you how to draw one of the best zebra drawing the simplest method.

Let’s begin the lesson and learn to draw a zebra face.


Step 1

Begin by creating an easy circle with delicate lines like in our illustration. This basic geometric shape can later be used as the base for the head of the zebra.



Step 2

Then, with a few straight lines that are slightly curled, trace the neck of the zebra. Next, sketch how the head of the zebra appears using some lines and an oval.


Step 3

Within the central part of the circle created in the previous step, draw an outline that will allow you to sketch the eyes. Then, draw the eyes in the upper part in the center of the circle.


Step 4

On the upper part of the neck and head sketch out the mane in the same way as in our illustration. Following that, with a smooth line, draw the jaw of the zebra on the top in the center of the circle.


Step 5

It’s time to work on the finer details. With the outline of the line, sketch the eyes and mouth of the Zebra. Then, using both black and white lines, draw the eyes in detail and give them a more appealing appearance.


Step 6

Then With straight and clean lines, meticulously draw the front of the zebra’s mouth Drawing the nostrils and mouth.


Step 7

With long, straight lines, start drawing the texture on the neck and head of the Zebra. It is possible to repeat the design as we have done in our example or design your own.


Step 8

To make the sketch of the head of a zebra appear more real, draw the eyes and stripes of the zebra by making hatching. Make sure to leave the eyes sparkling.


Step 9

Make shadows in drawings of the face of the zebra more vivid. We have discussed ways to draw shadows in a correct manner and what they are made of in our post on shadow and light.


This zebra face drawing class is extremely useful for anyone who wants to master drawing this stunning animal. To master drawing the body’s rest visit our tutorial on drawing the Zebra. If you’re looking to learn how to draw other animals go to our category called Animals.


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