This drawing guide will show you how to draw a Zebra. Our dear readers love animals and we know this because they are the easiest category to draw.


We decided to make another lesson about the zebra. This is a funny and cute animal with a unique appearance. This was how we tried to visualize it in ten simple steps. We hope you enjoy it!


Step 1

Let’s now see how to draw a simple zebra. Begin by drawing the contours of your animal’s body using circles and sticks. The center is where you will find the largest circle. The top is the smallest. To connect the circles, use smooth, straight lines. Zebra legs look like long lines with slight curves. The front legs appear in straight lines with no corners. The back leg pair looks like two extended corners.


Step 2

Draw a cone that is truncated so its base matches the contour of the head. Two thin triangles, close enough together, can be used to define the ears. The large and powerful neck should be drawn. This section of the body looks similar to a cone-shaped truncated shape that tapers towards the head.

Step 3

Continue the lesson on drawing a zebra. Two curved lines are used to connect the large balls on the torso. The curve of the bottom line is more prominent, as you can see. Draw the mane from the top of your zebra’s forehead down to the point where your neck and back meet. The mane’s upper portion is composed of vertical lines.

Step 4

We now see the head as well as the body of the zebra. Draw the outline of the hind and front legs to create a sketch. The graceful contours of the forelegs are evident. These smooth tapers towards your hooves should be highlighted.

Step 5

The hind legs are more massive and larger than the front ones of the zebra. From the first step, focus on the large oval at the back of your torso and the baselines for the hind leg. You will need to draw strong, long legs that taper down. You will notice that the joints at the middle of your leg look like tiny tubercles.

Step 6

Finish the legs by drawing small, rounded hooves. It’s almost like four small irons. The correct transmission of an animal’s posture is dependent on the position of its hooves. Add the zebra tail too. You can choose the position of your tail according to what you imagine.

Step 7

We now have a solid and beautiful zebra silhouette. Now it’s time for the final details. Draw the eye. It is located at the center of your head oval. A small corner at the edge of the oval is used to indicate the second eye. Draw in detail the ears, nostrils, and lips. It is very similar to the face of a regular horse.

Step 8

We are proud of you and we know that you’re not tired. Now, remove all construction lines that are no longer necessary. Verify the order of the steps before proceeding. Make sure that the proportions and lines are correct. For the final outline, use sharp lines and contrast.

Step 9

The classic pattern you will see on all zebras in the world is the one that you should draw. Pay close attention to the sizes of the stripes on the legs and torso. The differences in the shape, size, and intensity of the stripes can be clearly seen. It is easier to draw the outline of the stripes and then fill them in with light hatching.

Step 10

This is the last step in the guide on how to draw a simple zebra. Make sure you have checked the details and proportions. Check that the shadow locations and pose are correct. We congratulate you if everything is correct. It was an honor.

So, this drawing tutorial about how to draw a zebra easy is over. We have pages on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social networks where we are constantly posting new drawing lessons from our website. Please, do not forget to subscribe, to be aware of all the updates. Also, share this drawing guide. If you have any suggestions and wishes – be sure to write about them in the comments section below this tutorial.



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