Hello, dear artists. In our previous drawing lessons, we taught the drawing process of famous characters from a variety of fantasy worlds. We have drawn an ogre, a stone golem, a phoenix, and an ogre. However, today we’ll tell you about a less popular monster from the world of fantasy. Therefore, take a look at the lesson on drawing Yuan-Ti.

Step 1
The drawing process usually begins with the skeleton of the character. However, as you will see, in this lesson, Skeletal anatomy isn’t as typical. First, we draw out the head using the aid of an arc. Then create a neck that runs into the spine, and an extended, wriggling tail. Draw the chest of Yuan-Ti and arms.

Step 2
We can give some dimension to our existence. The first step is to sketch a horizontal line to represent the eyes. Next, draw a hood as well as a broad neck. Draw the torso out, which is then incorporated into the back. Then, outline the arms using simple geometric shapes, and then draw a sword.

The hand was clenched tightly into hands.

Step 3
Let’s get to the finer details. Draw the outline of the head, as illustrated in our illustration. Draw the nostrils, eyes, and big mouth. Join the geometric shapes from the previous step. Draw an outline of those muscles that make up the Yuan-Ti. Creating the outline of the saber that appears more precise.

Step 4
Make sure to erase any unnecessary lines from the beginning steps to ensure that your drawing is clearer. Draw the transverse and muscle lines along the body’s front.

Step 5
We’ve reached the final step of the drawing class, which is to draw the character of a Yuan-Ti. With light hatching, create shadows on your monster’s body. This makes our drawing appear more detailed and realistic. You can also add glare to the saber’s surface by using small strokes.

Do you enjoy creating lessons on the world of fantasy and other monsters from legends and myths? If yes, then write about it in the comments of this article.

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