We love drawing exotic animals, as you probably know. This guide will show you how to draw a yak. This tutorial is very simple. You will achieve excellent results if you follow this sequence.

A yak is a bull. This drawing lesson will show you how to draw a cow. It is important to only add or subtract the distinctive details.


Step 1

This guide will show you how to draw a yak. The first step is to determine the location of our animal on the sheet. The yak will be drawn in the center of the sheet. Let’s draw three ovals with different diameters. Next, connect them by using soft curves and lightly pressing on the pencil.



Step 2

This step will be used to create the basic outline of the head, and the front of the body. Sketch out the long, straight front of your face. Next, draw a horizontal line at the center of the oval. This will indicate the location of your eyes. Draw two triangles, one at the top and one at the bottom. With flowing, short lines, connect the head and torso.


Step 3

We hope that you’re not too tired as we continue our guide on how to draw a Yak. This step will show you how to draw the outline of the front and hind legs of your cloven-hoofed animal. The yak is a powerful animal with large legs. There are also noticeable smooth curves. We will also connect the front and rear ovals of our torso using smooth horizontal lines.


Step 4

Now we have a rough silhouette for a yak. We will now add details. The auxiliary horizontal line in the second step will be used to draw the eyes. The eyes appear like two small, round shapes. Let’s now show you the nostrils which look like two commas at the end of the tutorial.


Step 5

Let’s draw the outline of the mane to create a style that looks like a tousled hairstyle. Draw the boundaries of your mane using short lines. We will also draw the horns. They are a powerful and formidable weapon for the yak.


Step 6

The yak is different from other cloven-hoofed mammals in that it has thick, warm wool that covers most of its body. This step is to outline the fur’s contours, which are located over the front and forelegs.


Step 7

We did a fantastic job in the last step. Now we will draw the outline of the fur covering the body and the space between the hind and front legs of the yak.


Step 8

This step will show you how to draw the fur that covers your tail and blends with it. This is why we don’t see the tail contours as in other animal drawing lessons. This effect can be achieved by using vertical strokes in the same plane.


Step 9

This tutorial is very close and we hope that you don’t get bored. Let’s first remove the lines that were used to draw the previous steps. Next, we’ll draw the final silhouette for the yak using a stronger pencil pressure.


Step 10

We will add shadows on the neck, face, and torso at the end of the guide. Shadows are sweeping single-layer hatches. You can draw the shadows’ borders first and then paint them over.


Although this lesson was complex, it taught you how to draw a yak. A few useful tips are based on tradition. Use short lines to show more of the “fur” outline of an animal’s corpus. Important advice: Use very light lines for the first steps of the guide. This will make it easier to remove them later.

You can make your yak drawing more exciting and vibrant by adding layers of hatching. Try to draw the background with at most very basic lines. This will give your yak drawing an authentic look.

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