How to Draw a Xylophone Step by Step

Did you know the xylophone can be used as a percussion instrument? That’s right! The Xylophone, a percussion instrument that is made of mallets and wooden sticks, is called a xylophone. It’s a series of tuned keys that are arranged in the same way as a piano keyboard, much like the globoardspiel. Each bar contains an idiom that is tuned to a musical pitch. It can be pentatonic, pentatonic, or diatonic for many Western instruments. In the case of orchestral instruments, color. Now it’s your turn! Follow this step-by-step guide.


Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1: Draw your frame
Let’s begin our xylophone with the frame. Draw a diagonal line down from the top of the paper. On the right, draw another diagonal line. These diagonals will create a large space at the top, and slowly the space will narrow until it reaches its bottom.

Next, draw two lines to wrap the diagonal lines that you have outlined. Draw two diagonal lines 1 inch apart on the canvas. The inner diagonals should be slightly overlapped by the lower and upper frames.

Step 2: Draw the tone bars
You can make these lines even more obvious by adding another diagonal line to the frame. Connect the diagonals by a short curve line. The image can be viewed in step 2. You can draw 8 sound bars within it. These sound bars should look like rectangles, both long and short. You must ensure that each sound bar has a proper distance.

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Step 3: Take out the extra lines
You can enhance your soundbar by erasing some lines from your drawing. These lines should be removed from the soundbar. Now you can clearly see your sound in the xylophone. You can only erase the lines between the sound bars.

Step 4: Add details, Add more details
Add details to your drawing. Draw a diagonal line on both sides of your sound bar. Begin by drawing diagonal lines starting at the bottom of the small soundbar. Continue this process until you reach the end of the 8th bar.

You are now almost done! This step is where you add details to your xylophone. Draw medium-sized circles on both sides of your sound bar. You can start by drawing the circle from the smaller sound bar to the larger one. To make your circle nice and perfect, you can use coins.

Step 5: Remove extra lines
For a cleaner drawing, you will only need to clean up the lines that are not needed. In step 1, erase the line that frames your drawing. Don’t include the diagonal line that you created in step 4. Next, draw two horizontal lines below the xylophone.

Step 6: Draw mallets
Next, draw the mallets. Mallets can be made from hard rubber, plastic materials, or a stick. Let’s now draw a circle on each stick. It should be drawn on the left side.

Step 7: Add more details
Add more detail to the mallet this time. Next to each stick, draw another horizontal line. Connect the horizontal lines by drawing a curved line. This will make the club compartment denser.

Step 8: Done!
This tutorial’s best feature is the coloring task. Because some xylophones can be made colorful, we can use as many colors as you like. This concludes our drawing tutorial. We hope you find new things to enjoy. Congratulations to all the little ones!

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