Greetings dear adventurer! 3dvkarts today will teach you how to draw an xvart. You may be familiar with xvarts and svarts, which are fictional creatures from the well-known Dungeons & Dragons. These creatures can be found in many computer games other than tabletop role-playing, such as Baldur’s Gate.

Step 1
We begin with a stickman, a figure made up of circles and lines. This should indicate the main proportions of the character and its position on the paper. Draw the head in a circle. Draw the head as a circle. Draw the lines for the shoulders, spine, and arms.

Step 2
Draw the lines that intersect on the face. Draw the tapered torso. Next, draw the shoulders in the form of circles. Draw the arms in the form of cylinders. In the left hand, draw the hands and the morning star. Next, draw the legs in the form of cylinders.

Step 3
Now we will draw the face of the xvart. Begin with the eyes. They are located in the horizontal line of your face. Draw the nose and mouth below the eyes. This step will end with large, pointed ears and a long chin.

Step 4
All unnecessary guidelines should be removed from the head. Draw the lines of your face. Draw some lines on the face.

Step 5
Draw the details of the torso. Draw the straps and the fabric with many folds. You can also draw armor or clothing.

Step 6
Draw the arms. Draw the shoulders armor. Next, draw the muscles in the arms. Next, draw the hands and a morning star using a lot of spikes. This weapon is called a morningstar because it contains spikes.

Step 7
The fabric hanging from the belt should be drawn out. Next, draw the muscles around the legs and knee armor.

Step 8
Add some wrinkles to your face and temples. Add shadows. For halftones, use usie light hatching. Use thicker hatching to create darker shadows.

This concludes our journey into the world of drawing. However, you can still visit other lessons about drawing fantasy such as lessons on minotaur and skeleton warriors.

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