Hello, dear readers and thank you for joining us on the drawing instruction on drawing the”xiphos“! Xiphos is a Greek straight, double-edged blade that is around 60cm long. One of its features is the fact that the blade looks like the leaf of a tree. The sword, as we’ve mentioned, was widespread throughout Greece before it expanded to other countries.

Step 1
Although the blade is curving from both sides, the sword itself is straight. To ensure that it is straight, let’s draw an even line.

Step 2
The majority of the swords on our website that we draw have pommels that are round, however, the xiphos is a cylindrical sword with a pommel.

Step 3
Let’s grasp the xiphos. You can see that in the center, it’s somewhat convex.

Step 4
Continue with the drawing tutorial on how to draw the xiphos. In this step, we create the guard.

Step 5
But a sword isn’t one without a blade. Therefore, draw a distinctive double-edged, curved blade from our xiphos.

Step 6
Simple, and even an easy step – erase the line of the initial step with the pen.

Step 7
And this is very complicated. Using the classic hatching techniques, we trace out the shadows and with a few short strokes sketch out the glare that is projected on the blade.

Our xiphos appears authentic enough, isn’t it? If you’re interested in this topic don’t forget to go to our lesson on different kinds of weapons, like spears, a claymore blade, and spears. spear.

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