Hello, artists, we’d like to introduce you to the tutorial on drawing Wyverns! Wyvern images can be confused with dragons however it is different from the other creatures. The primary difference in appearance can be seen in the fact that the dragon has two pairs of paws and two wings The wyvern, however, is a creature with one couple of feet and two wings in addition to one pair of front paws.

Step 1
Let’s begin at the top of the head for our Wyvern. Draw the outline of his skull. It is comprised of the top of his face and jaw.

Step 2
Draw out its torso, which effortlessly flows into the long tail, with an unpleasant sting at the close.

Step 3
The common lines represent the wings of the wyvern. Be aware that wyverns should have a long necks.

Step 4
In this stage, we draw legs using sharp claws that look like the feet of dinosaurs or the feet of a large bird.

Step 5
Draw your head and the wyvern’s head. Draw a large mouth using an elongated snake tongue, tiny eyes, horns, and nostrils. It is evident that the head of the wyvern’s head is very similar to that of the dragon’s head.

Step 6
Create huge wings using claws on the top and tendon that runs from the top to the bottom.

Step 7
Sketch the legs and that long tail Wyvern. Draw the claws with precision on the legs and erase any additional lines in the drawing.

Step 8
Include a few additional details, like strips of your wyvern’s chest, which effortlessly pass through onto the tail. In the same way, as adding shadows, we do so by simply hatching.

In this drawing course, we taught you the drawing process of a Wyvern. Apart from a minor physical difference, Wyverns also have some distinctions from dragons. They do not possess a fiery breath. rare wyverns have a poison. In addition, unlike dragons, they lack the ability to speak. Thirdly, Wyverns do not have the desire to hoard treasures. These wild and wild predators have only one purpose – murder for the sake of killing.

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