In one of our earlier drawing tutorials, we demonstrated how to draw the outline of a modern fighter plane and today we’ll demonstrate the drawing process for an actual WW2 aircraft fighter. It’s actually very easy for you to sketch a WW2 aircraft guided by our instruction, all you need to do is pick up a pencil, a piece of eraser, and paper, and start drawing.
Step 1
The first step is to sketch the shape of the plane in the shape of an oblong, then narrowing down to the nose.
Step 2
On the forward part of the aircraft, sketch the propeller. On the sides, we draw the wings. Finally, at the back, we draw the tail end of the plane.
Step 3
Now we must begin drawing lines that are denser. Make sure you draw the propeller in front of the plane. draw lines that are clean and smooth.
Step 4
With long and slightly curved lines, you can draw out the outline that forms the WW2 plane that has an air intake at the front.
Step 5
Following the lines that define the body, trace out the tail end of the WW2 aircraft using the wings that stabilize.
Step 6
Then in the last part of drawing lessons on how to draw a WW2 plane, we draw the wings using dark and clear lines.

We believe that the drawing lessons were more straightforward than, for instance, lessons on Ferrari and Ford Mustang, the primary aspect is to understand the basic structure of the plane and its parts. The biggest challenge is that there are a lot of long lines that can be difficult to draw. We remember that we have the passengers’ plane sketching tutorial.

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