In this drawing guide, we will teach how to draw steps to draw the wrestler step-by-step. We attempted to draw this figure with a realistic but not overly difficult style. We hope you do not encounter any difficulties drawing this tutorial.

Step 1
To ensure that our character appears smooth and symmetrical, the first thing we’ll do is draw skeleton drawings. The stickman is the foundation of the wrestler’s physique. Therefore, we begin with the head and draw it in the form of an oval. Then draw the spine’s line. Along the spine, draw the pelvis and chest. It is important that the chest be bigger than the pelvis since we are drawing a person with an athletic body. Draw the legs and arms, and proceed into the following step.

Step 2
Let’s draw two intersecting lines on the face. This can help us draw facial characteristics. The vertical line represents the center of the face, while the horizontal lines indicate the position that the eyes. Draw the neck in the shape of a circular shape. With curved lines, connect the pelvis and thorax to form a torso that narrows significantly around the waist (don’t forget that we’re drawing an athlete).

Then draw the contours of your arms using the aid of basic forms. Be aware that forearms must significantly narrow within the wrist region. Draw an angular pelvis as well as legs with geometric shapes that are simple. Take note that the legs should be a little wider in the region of the ankles and knees.

Step 3
An extremely simple process in which we include the most fundamental details for our characters. Start at the top and work our way downwards. By using the intersecting lines of prior steps, draw the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then draw the contours of the hair, ears, and face. Next, draw the lines for the pants and shoes.

Step 4
This is the moment to focus on the last particulars. With clear and dark lines, carefully sketch out an outline for the face. Draw your eyes, nose, and mouth. Eliminate all guidelines that are not needed from the head.

Step 5
Then we sketch the specifics of the physique. Following the necklines up to the shoulders, you draw a trapezoid muscular. Below, draw lines of clavicles, and massive pectoral muscles. Drawing large back muscles and abdominals.

Step 6
In this stage, we’ll sketch the arms. Draw them in crisp lines, as you see in our image. If drawing the arms, think about all the wrinkles and muscles. Be cautious when drawing your fists that are clenched. Remember the fact that there’s a special blog on drawing the hands as well as fists (it is a difficult task to draw)

Step 7
In this step, we’ll sketch the leg muscles. Draw the muscles of the legs (we mean one line) and then erase any additional lines that were drawn during the earlier steps. Don’t forget to add a few lines on the shoes.

Step 8
This wrestler is now almost finished We just need to make some shadows. In drawing tutorials, the first step is to identify which light source. Also, take this into consideration sketch hatchings of various intensities in areas with the lowest illumination. It is also possible to draw shadows on your ground in order to make the picture more real.

This was the drawing instruction. Make sure to check us out and share our lessons on drawing with your fellow students. You can also subscribe to us via social networks in order to stay updated on the latest lessons on drawing that we have posted on our website.

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