On our website, there’s an area called “tools” where we publish the best tools available, to be used in construction or for different purposes. In this video, we’ll demonstrate what you can draw with a wrench.

Step 1
Begin by sketching out the handle and head of the wrench by drawing extremely light lines.

Step 2
Utilizing lighter lines, we draw the jaws, worm screw, and hole on the top of the hand.

Step 3
Then using dark and clear lines, trace all the specifics on the wrench’s head.

Step 4
Go over to your handle, and sketch it in the same manner by using black and clear lines.

Step 5
Let’s now add shadows on the sketch of our wrench. We always use hatching to do this.

We have shown you the drawing process for the drawing of a wrench. In the near future, our section “Tools” will be supplemented by a number of brand-new drawing lessons. Make sure you check our website regularly to ensure that you won’t be left out of any new lessons in drawing.


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