How to draw A Woolly Mammoth Step by Step -

How to draw A Woolly Mammoth Step by Step

How to draw A Woolly Mammoth Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to draw an Emperor Penguin Step by Step

Step 1

As you can see you will begin this step by drawing several circles that connect to one another. Begin with the head shape. Next, draw the upper body and cone ends. Next, draw lines for your nose or torso.

Step 2

Start by drawing the trunk, and then move up the trunk until your head and forehead are shaped. You will need to outline some hair on the top of your head, since mammoths have lots of hair.

Step 3

Next, outline the lower lip of the mammoth. Then draw the ears and full-size furry cheeks. The next step is to draw the mammoth’s lower lip. After you have completed this, draw the shape of your eyelashes that hang over your eyes. Color it and add a little color.

Step 4

Woolly mammoths have curled, long tusks. You will now remove those tusks, and ensure that they are thin and pointed.

Step 5

This lesson is almost complete. This is where you will be required to draw the forefoot and forefoot lines. You will notice that the shoulders are exposed on the legs. Move on to step six by putting the nails on your feet.

Step 6

Draw the outline of the backplate and the hind legs. You will also need to draw your stomach and hind toenails, as you can see.

Step 7

You can now draw the last hind legs and outline the long hair detail lines, as shown here. To clean up your drawing, erase the paths and shapes you created in step 1.

Step 8

Look at how incredible your drawing looks when you draw a woolly mammoth. You can now color it.


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