How To Draw A Wombat

How To Draw A Wombat

Step one:

Let’s draw the basic rules for the wombat using an outline of a circle using crossed lines to divide the various areas of the face. We’ll also draw a the larger circle behind it to create the body.

Step  two:

We’ll draw the face’s shape as well as the ears too. Maintain a soft appearance!

Step three:

Here I’ve broken the face into 4 steps to make it easy to take on!

Step four:

Then, draw the romp region on the wombat!

Step five:

Let’s begin to work with the legs that are front of this animal, and then try to keep each toe intriguing and diverse.

Step six:

Finally, complete the last leg , and then the stomach.

Step seven:

After you’ve proofed the sketch, you’ll be able to create something similar to this. I hope that you loved another of my Australian animal lessons, and come again for future lessons!

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