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How to Draw a Wolf

This is a simple tutorial on the animal kingdom. We are sure that you will love this subject, so we have created a tutorial for drawing an animal like a wolf.


Step 1

We first outline how we will shape the body outline of our Wolf. Three circles can be seen which differ in size, along with five lines. The horizontal line is gentle curves. This is the shape of the spine. Four vertical lines represent the contours of the limbs.




Step 2

Based on our concept Our wolf-like painting is able to howl toward the sky. To show the head’s contours in this instance it is best to use three triangular shapes, as shown in our illustration. If you wish to draw an animal with an open mouth, make a triangle in front with two.




Step 3

In this phase, we’ll draw an outline of the neck. This is why we join the body and head with the help of two gear lines. The bottom line must be larger than the upper line.




Step 4

We will now trace the contours of our forepaws. There is an easy bend downwards. In the distal portion of the paws, there are round fingers.




Step 5

We must now complete the line that was created in the previous step. This line came to an end in the first quarter of the body, and the line is now extended to the lower paws to form a rounded tail.




Step 6

In this stage, we draw elegant hind legs that have a distinctive bent that forms an obtuse angle to the back that the leg. You might have seen something like this in the tutorial on drawing an elk.




Step 7

Then we will continue with the drawing instruction on drawing a Wolf. We can add tiny details like the contour of the eyes as well as the nose and the inside of the ear.




Step 8

In this phase, we’ll examine the entire drawing for any errors and inaccuracies. We examine the proportions, forms, and positions of our Wolf. If there aren’t any errors within your sketch, then you are able to move on to the next stage.




Step 9

If you’re drawing a polar wolf, then it is recommended to apply a light brown color. We draw a typical wolf and the dark gray shade is the ideal option.




Therefore, we hope this drawing guide didn’t create any problems for you. We have opted to avoid real-life shadows and highlights in order to make this lesson easier. Come back soon!

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