How To Draw A Wolf Skull -

How To Draw A Wolf Skull

How To Draw A Wolf Skull

There are few animals more frightening than the wolf when you’re out in nature.

Like all creatures with a skeleton they hide a lot underneath the surface. The skull of a Wolf is as intimidating as the living wolf’s snarling head!

The skull is extremely detailed. This makes it difficult to draw a wolf skull.

How To Draw A Wolf Skull Step-By-Step

1st STEP:

In this first step of our guide on how to draw a wolf skull, we shall start with the outline for the bottom jaw as well as the first teeth for the skull.

2nd Step:

We will now draw some more pointed teeth for your wolf skull drawing.

3rd Step:

The third step in will have you adding the remaining teeth to the jaw.

4th Step:

In the fourth step, we will add a lot of detail to your wolf skull design.

5th Step:

You are now ready to finish the fifth step in our guide on drawing a wolf skull.

6th  Step:

This is the last step in this wolf skull drawing. In it, you can add some colors.

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