How To Draw A Wolf Head with Pencil

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to draw Princess Leia with Pencil

Step 1

Begin by choosing the pencils. I used a pencil with a 4H to shade light lines and a B pencil for the dark lines/details along with a 4-B pencil to create the shadows with the darkest shadows.

Step 2
Begin by sketching a simple sketch and follow the steps in case you are required to.

Step 3
Your sketch should appear like this. I used a pencil with a 4H tip for sketching , however any pencil will work. Make sure to erase all lines you don’t want.

Step 4
Utilizing pencil B, begin sketching line and shade. Begin by drawing the eyes. Don’t be concerned about finding several different values or shades Try to expand the ones you have already and then point in which direction your fur is flowing.

Step 5
Move your way up to the ear. Be sure to pay close attention to the direction the direction that hairs move. Don’t just sketch random lines.

Step 6
Now, shade the muzzle.

Step 7
Start coloring the wolf’s hair. Take note of the way the coat appears when you draw lines.

Step 8
Draw the outline of the remainder part of your coat.

Step 9
Then, add a final layer of shadows by starting with the eyes. Make use of the pencil 4B to make the most dark shadows. Use your 4H or B pencils in order to lighten bristles. Make use of 4H for hair with light tones and B for hair with dark or dark shades.

Step 10
Shade in the other eye as well as some eyebrow hair.

Step 11
Do two ears at one time. I decided to go on.

Step 12
Now , the shade appears remains in the ear.

Step 13
You can shade around the muzzle. Utilize pencil B to create some whiskers.

Step 14
Begin to work on the upper layer mane as well as the remainder of hair that is on your head. Make quick strokes using the 4H pencil to create fur. Use a stump that is creased, or a an eraser that can be kneaded to smooth your coat if you have to.

Step 15
Begin to apply the next coat and apply the same methods as before.

Step 16
Get the drawing ready in preparation for applying the coat. I made use of a blend stump to smooth out the drawing before proceeding using the 4H and B pencils. Also, I colored my darker hairs with the pencil of 4B.

Step 17
Then, finish sketch by coloring the remainder part of your fur. I chose to blend my feathers in the top of the drawing, but you are able to leave them full of detail if you like. The background was also colored with the pencil 4B and blended stump. I hope that you will find this useful!

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