In the previous guidelines, we from the staff at taught you the drawing process of a wolf in this tutorial. We will show you ways to draw the face of a wolf.

As with other guides available on the one you follow is very easy to follow however, at the end of the 11 steps you will have an extremely realistic sketch of the head of the wolf.


Step 1

First, sketch the head’s base as a normal ball, on which we’ll build the integral parts later on in the phases.




Step 2

Then draw two lines that cross in the center of the ball. End stage 2 by drawing the neck.




Step 3

Use the principles from the previous stage to draw the eyes. Then, draw the pupils that are round inside the eyes.




Step 4

In the lower third show a round nose with nostrils in the lower third. Repeat the process exactly as the artists from on the picture below.




Step 5

Let’s now draw the jaw of the forest critter. Begin with the upper jaw and then draw the lower jaw in the form of an equilateral.




Step 6

Also, let’s give some texture to the Wolf. First, draw the bridge of the eye’s nose and the other lines will be drawn as shown in the sketch drawn




Step 7

Let’s now draw the ears that are pointed in the middle of the ball. To test the proportions, look at it in the mirror.




Step 8

In this step of the tutorial on drawing a wolf’s face, We continue adding specifics. We will now concentrate on drawing the lines that run through the ears.




Step 9

This is where we’ll draw our head, which is the Wolf. Start by drawing the cheeks using a lot of strokes. Then, draw the neck the same way.




Step 10

Be careful and cautious in getting rid of the guidelines of the wolf’s face drawing. In addition, you can sharpen the image by drawing the image.




Step 11

The final step signifies that it’s time to paint the head of the wolf. The wolf can be painted in white, gray, and even black. The black wolves are usually depicted in mythology.




If you’ve carefully followed the steps following the instructions of Now, you likely know how the art of drawing a wolf’s head. If you’re not sure if you’ve grasped the concept, attempt again. Write to us about any difficulties you experienced when making your masterpiece.\

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