How to Draw a Witch

What time is it? We aren’t sure what moment in the year you are reading this article. But, we’re writing this article right now and we are getting ready for Halloween. We have therefore created drawing guides on how to draw the perfect witch.


Step 1

In the beginning, you draw three circular forms and join them with an arc. These shapes must be slightly towards the right of the centrality of the paper.




Step 2

We did not draw the witch in full bloom. We have chosen a pose that is dynamic. This is why in this step, we draw the limbs of our devilish heroine with various sticks that create corners.




Step 3

It’s a brief stage. In this case, we sketch out a horizontal line which helps us to draw our eyes. We can also sketch the outline of the body using two lines and an easy curve.




Step 4

Each lesson usually follows an order of operations. You might be aware, for instance, that we proceed from top to the bottom. Now, we’ll show the shape of the upper legs. It resembles cylinders and massive balls. Cylinders are part of the hand, and balls are big joints.




Step 5

Let’s draw the lines for the legs. There are wide hips and legs that have a smooth gentle bend. The knee joints appear like huge balls.




Step 6

There are many pictures of witches. There are modern-day businesswomen in the image of a tragic witch. Witches can also appear as something that is vaguely reminiscent of the person. The image we chose is a witch with all the essential attributes. Let’s draw it. talk about a head, mantle, and the witch’s broomstick.




Step 7

In this phase, we sketch the contours of the appearance of our witch. As you will observe, this isn’t the most beautiful face. It has an elongated nose and curving mouth with no teeth.




Step 8

Draw the cap’s brim and the hair should be angled away from the surface that runs through the hair. It is important to show that the witch rides with a broomstick?




Step 9

To create a look that is complete and seamless We need to draw the upper portion of it that looks like an old cap that has been crumpled. The top of the cap is to be bent to the angle of 90°.




Step 10

This is the right moment to begin working on our witch’s mantle. The finer details are crucial during this process. Pay close attention to the frayed edges of your mantle, as well as the numerous holes within the cloth.




Step 11

The torso lines need to be kept the same as at the beginning of this stage. The lower edge of the sleeves must be substantially below the contours drawn from that stage. It’s cool to create a worn bottom edge.




Step 12

Witches are not able to find taxis. They prefer brooms as you may have guessed. In this section, you draw the round outline of the front of the broom with a guideline in our sixth step.




Step 13

We continue our drawing tutorial on drawing the figure of a witch. The skirt is drawn by our Witch. You can draw it according to your liking. It is however recommended to create a frayed look and then add some holes.




Step 14

To complete the task by drawing the contours that our witch’s body has, it is necessary to draw the shins and shoes with high heels.




Step 15

In this stage, we’ll draw the brush. It resembles two rounded shapes separated by a tiny rectangle. The shape that is the most proximal should be extremely small.




Step 16

It is not necessary to take this step in reality. But, we chose to make it in the same way. In this stage, we’ll create lines by applying slight bends to the Broom. This can help to create a woody effect.




Step 17

In this phase it is important to examine our witch and assess the proper proportions, poses, and faces. Be attentive to the clothes and a Broom. If everything is perfect and there aren’t any errors it is time to start working using the colors.




Step 18

The traditional witch is characterized by an emerald-colored skin tone and a dark robe. Beware of black, as it will make it difficult to deal with shadows that are created in various shades.



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