How to Draw A Winky Face -

How to Draw A Winky Face

How to Draw A Winky Face

A facial expression can communicate a lot. You can communicate a lot using a facial expression, whether it’s your face or a cartoon representation.

The most versatile expression of all, a winky face can communicate feelings from agreement to flirtation. It’s very useful and it’s fun to learn how to draw one.

This guide should help you do exactly that.

How to Draw A Winky Face Step-By-Step

1st Step:

The first step in our guide to drawing a winky smile should be easy! The outline of the face will be used as the basis for the drawing. It will then become a perfect circle.

2nd Step:

A winky face is incomplete without eyes. We will draw them in this step of our winky face drawing. Draw an oval at an angle for the eye to the left.

3rd Step:

Another step is . This guide will show you how to draw an expressive face. This step will focus on drawing the open mouth.

4th Step:

The winky face drawing looks great! This fourth part will add some pupil details to your left eye. Simply draw a circle inside the eye.

5th Step:

We’ll soon be adding color to . This guide will show you how to draw winky faces. But first, we need to finish this step.

6th Step:

This brings us to , the last step in your winky face drawing. This is where you can have fun with adding amazing colors to the image.

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