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how to draw a wine glass

Drawing the wine glass is easy to draw, but it is not without important details that we’ll examine in this guide regarding drawing the drinking glass.

For starting out to begin, you’ll need the most popular art tools whether it’s a classic pencil with paper or more contemporary drawing tools like the graphics tablet.


Step 1

Every item is made of simple geometric shapes which is why the drawing of a wine glass is not an exception. Therefore, before sketching a wine glass first sketch the top of the glass in the shape of an oval. The shape must be as uniform and proportionate as you can.




Step 2

Then, using this long, U-shaped line draw the wineglass’s bowl. It is crucial to keep proportionality in order that your artwork looks beautiful. To check the proportions, just bring your work before a mirror, and you’ll be able to see the flaws within the ratios.




Step 3

Then, using the aid of two lines make an elongated stem for the glassware. The two lines must taper slightly downwards and include bends both at their tops and the bottom. If you look closely, they are depicting stems of different lengths, there are glasses of different kinds.




Step 4

The lower area shows the bottom of the glassware in the shape of an oval. This is the perfect time to test the proportions of the wineglass sketch once more. If you are working on the graphics tablet it is possible to reflect the image horizontally and you’ll be able to notice all the imperfections.




Step 5

Take an eraser, and clean any unnecessary rules from your wineglass art. You can also trace your art with darker lines, making it appear more distinct and vibrant.




Step 6

This concludes the tutorial on drawing the wine glass by adding color. The design can be drawn completely in blue or include blue highlights at the locations that are indicated by the artists of 3dvkarts.net.




We take note of a few key tips that could be useful when drawing an image of a wineglass. First, in order to determine the proportions of your wineglass sketch take a look at it with the mirror. If you’re using an image tablet, simply reflect your work across it horizontally, and any inconsistencies will be apparent.

In the initial phases, be careful not to press too hard on the pencil because it will hinder the addition of corrections.

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