How To Draw A Wine Bottle Step by Step -

How To Draw A Wine Bottle Step by Step

How To Draw A Wine Bottle Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

To begin the lesson on drawing the wine bottle, we’ll begin with sketching the shape of the bottle. Particularly, we’ll draw the left-hand side that is left of the bottle.

We will first create the opening of the bottle to the top. The shirt will be flat top, with a few slim hems, and it will stretch all the way to the neck.

When drawing this opening, try your best to replicate the exact look as it appears in the image reference.

Then, you can extend a gentle curve from the bottom of it to the bottom in the bottle. Try to create it to look like the image reference.

This is a possible part you’ll want to go slowly so that it appears as smooth as it can be.

Once you’ve completed the drawing then we can proceed to the next step!

Step 2: Now draw the base, and a little of the left side.
Continue the drawing of your wine bottle and drawing, now we’ll trace the top. To draw this make a line at the base of the bottle, which will connect to that wall you traced in the previous step.

Draw an unidirectional line from the opposite side to mark the part that the bottle. The line should now appear straight and will finish at the point that it begins to curve towards the back.

We’ll continue to work on that curve in the following step When you’re ready, you can proceed!

Step 3 – Draw the remainder of the outline of the wine bottle.
The third step of our drawing an outline of a wine bottle will assist you in drawing the outline of the whole bottle. This will allow you to include some additional specifics in the following steps.

Then, follow the line you started on the left part of the bottle. Then, turn it downwards and finally until it reaches the top. We will now create a border on this part of the cap of the bottle.

This will complete the shape that the bottle of wine has! If you’re having difficulty getting the design to appear accurate then draw the outline using a pencil and then draw again using the pencil once you’re satisfied with the way it appears.

If you’re ready to go on, we’ll add specifics in the following steps.

Step 4 – Now sketch the first details on the interior of the drawing
Now , you’re ready to add some specifics to your wine bottle design. The first thing we’ll do is focus upon the glass-topped portion that is on the top of your bottle.

As you might have observed in real life, glass generally contains a reflective metallic layer.

We’ll attempt to recreate the appearance in this step, and we will draw thick lines that follow how the curve of the bottle is formed.

As you can see in the reference image the majority will be vertical however, there may be some diagonal and horizontal.

5. Add the last details to your wine bottle design
Every wine bottle comes with a label that provides additional information about the wine and the company that made it We’ll draw labels in this part of drawing an instruction for wine bottles!

To draw the outline of the label, draw a square and smaller squares inside. The label will also include weather lines can be added.

Make sure to apply glass textures on the bottom of the wine bottle , below the label!

The labels were left blank in this video tutorial. This means you are able to draw your own labels! What name and what logo would you like to choose to represent your personal brand of wine?

Step 6 – Draw your wine bottle design in color
This is the final part of the tutorial. You can then color the wine bottle design. There are many options to coloring your wine bottle!

In the image we used in our example image, we made the glass beige in order to look as if it was empty.

You can create the same style for your own painting however, you could also paint it in yellow or red to give it the appearance of the bottle is still containing wine in it.

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