How to Draw A Window

Windows have a simple but very important function. They allow us to see outside the building and let sunlight in to brighten it up.

They can also be decorative and come in many styles and variations. You can even learn how to draw windows so you can create your own designs.

You will be able do this by the end of the guide.

How to Draw A Window Step-By-Step

1st Step:

This is the first step in our guide to drawing windows. It will make it easier to do this, and many other steps.

2nd Step:

The final image shows that the window drawing will depict an old-fashioned window with a stone frame.

3rd Step:

This part of our how do you draw a window guide will finish the stone frame that we started in the previous step.

4th Step:

Many windows have metal or wood bars between the panes. These bars are known as muntins and will be drawn in the next step of our guide to drawing windows.

5th Step:

This guide will show you how to draw a window. However, we still have some details to go. These will be the panes of the glass that are part of the window.

6th Step:

This is the final step in your window drawing. You can have some fun adding amazing color! We used muted browns, greys, and blues to create the frame in our reference image.

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