The most loved fruit of 3dvkarts is the cherry which we sketched in the last drawing classes. We will now teach you what to draw wild cherries which is the oldest version of the cherry. It is believed to have been in use for more than 8000 years BC.

Step 1

In the beginning, we sketch the outline of the cherry using the form of a normal circle. Be careful not to force too much pressure on the pencil during this step, since the lines must be thin.

Step 2

Then, using a curving and long line, we trace a stem of the cherry. On the top of the stem, draw the outline of the leaf using the aid of two straight lines.

Step 3

With the aid of a second longer and curving line, to finish the curves of the stem. Draw a thickening line at high points on the stem. Also, draw a line in the middle of the stem.

Step 4

Then we draw the entire drawing from the cherry wild using the aid of darker lines. Then, using an eraser, remove all guidelines that are unnecessary as well as draw short lines of vein across the leaf.

Step 5

With the aid of the light strokes of a pair, sketch out the glare that is visible on the cherry. Then, using the aid of hatching, draw shadows over the stem and the cherry. Make sure to draw a shadow underneath the cherry.

As you can see, the instruction on drawing the wild cherry could be used when you wish to draw other types of cherries, since these types of fruits are drawn exactly the same way. However, if you’d like to know how to draw other types of fruit, go to this category “Food”, where you will find everything that intrigues you.

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