How to Draw a White Tiger Step by Step -

How to Draw a White Tiger Step by Step

How to Draw a White Tiger Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

So, in the first stage, you’ll draw circles and guides. Begin by drawing a huge circle to represent the face. Next, draw two circles to outline face and the back of shoulders of the white tiger. Then draw the tiger’s grin and draw the lips and mucosa that line the jaw’s lower part. Then draw almond-shaped eyes with pupils at the middle. Finally, trace the contours of ears and head.

Step 2
They’re not very good for this stage that’s step 2. All you need draw certain details of faces, ears and chest. Begin by drawing out the interior parts of the ear for the illusion of separation. Let’s draw the common area in between their huge head. Detail the nose by putting a curving line that is right over the bridge. Then outline the whiskers that are subtle on the face. In the end, draw the arm’s lining.

Step 3
The entire process could require some time since you’ll need to draw the white tiger’s markings with your fingers. Take a look at the picture below to aid you with the line drawing process. Once you’ve sketched your strips, the following step you must apply shading in using the blue eyes of ice of the white Tiger.

Step 4
This is the final step. All you need to do is return and remove all guidelines along with circular marches. This is what your final drawing will appear like once you’re finished. That’s it! Simple, isn’t it? I am sure. This is at the conclusion of our lesson on drawing an upper white Tiger.

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