how to draw a whale

Our team is very fond of whales, which are the largest animal in the world. As you can see, this tutorial will only show you how you draw a whale.

There are many species of whales around the globe. They may have been featured in cartoons or movies. This instruction will show you how to draw the humpback whale, a classic cetacean.


Step 1

First, draw the whale’s central portion as a large oval. To make it easier to erase later, draw lines with the pencil without pressing too hard.




Step 2

Draw the front of your whale with a U-shaped line. Here are the eyes and large mouth of the whale.




Step 3

Draw the mouth using a straight line that is slightly curving. Draw the eye and wrinkles just above the end.




Step 4

Draw long front fins. You will notice that the fin closest to you should be slightly larger than that of the second.




Step 5

Draw the tail of the whale with smooth lines. The tail should taper towards its end. The tail should be slightly curled to give the whale drawing more life.




Step 6

Draw a small fin at the back that looks like a shark’s fin. Draw the tail fins at its end. You should draw the fins with very smooth lines.




Step 7

Take out all construction lines that were used to draw the whale. Make sure to make the lines clearer and more precise.




Step 8

Long, straight lines should be drawn on the front of the whale’s lower back (where the chin and the upper chest area). These lines should be drawn keeping in mind the curves of whales’ bodies.




Step 9

If everything was done correctly, your whale drawing will look similar to that of our artists. You can correct any errors by going back to the original stage.




Step 10

Now is the right time to color your whale drawing. As in the example, you can use gray-blue colors. You can paint your whale any color you like.




It’s very easy to draw a whale, as you can see. A whale can be drawn by anyone. If you are looking to improve your ability to draw these magnificent marine mammals, try drawing them from a different location or angle. You can improve your skills by using the information and references found on the Internet.

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