How to Draw A Werewolf

The mythology of many creatures that have gained a lot of attention in the present day. They include ghosts, vampires and of course , the werewolf!

The werewolf has a few unique features that instantly make it recognizable for example, their distinctive howl and the fact they change form at full moon.

Despite their fame however, their complicated appearance could make it difficult to figure out what to draw in a.

How to Draw A Werewolf Step-By-Step

1st Step:

This tutorial for drawing a werewolf is not without its own tricky elements and you’ll want to take your time and read the instructions closely!

2nd Step:

In this portion of your drawing of a werewolf we’ll be focusing on the most dangerous aspect of the werewolf: its terrifying jaws!

3rd Step:

This part of our guide on drawing the werewolf includes some difficult and complicated parts So we’ll be following the image reference carefully!

4th Step:

Your head in your drawing of a werewolf is completed, so let’s begin by drawing the body in this stage.

5th Step:

The werewolf’s body is huge, muscular arms. We will draw in this stage of our tutorial on drawing the werewolf.

6th Step:

You’ve drawn the first arm for your drawing of a werewolf. Now you’re able to draw the second in the next step.

7th Step:

The amazing werewolf that you’re drawing requires legs to move about So, we’ll draw one of them in this section of our step-by-step guide on drawing an elk!

8th Step:

You’ve done a fantastic job drawing this leg in the first step, and you should not have any issues drawing the second leg in this section of your drawing.

9th Step:

Before we get started coloring your werewolf we’ve got a few additional details to include in this tutorial on drawing the werewolf.

10th Step:

After you’ve completed your werewolf sketch It’s time to enjoy adding some awesome colors to your drawing!

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