Wendigo is a spirit of cannibalism within the legends of the indigenous peoples of North America. It was initially viewed as a symbol of endless food and a hungry winter but later, it was used to warn against over-indulgence in human behavior. We’ll begin with our lesson on drawing an elk.

Step 1
Even though the wendigo isn’t an animal, the rules for drawing the body of the wendigo are human. Make an oval shape for the head, and an outline of the spine, and then draw a thorax as well as a pelvis. Utilizing simple lines, draw the legs and arms.

Step 2
Draw two lines on the head. These lines will help us draw the specifics that make up the facial features. Then, draw outlines of the torso, sloping towards the waist. Draw thin feet and arms. At the end of this step, we draw our hands with fingers that are thin and long and feet with enough size.

Step 3
In this first stage, we’ll sketch all the details. Make sure to draw horrifying eyes nostrils, huge teeth, and nostrils. Draw the outline of bones that make up the face.

Step 4
Let’s now look at the many hairs on our head, the hair of the wendigo. With the help of long, smooth lines, we can draw an engorged beard with long hair. Don’t forget to remove all lines of your head.

Step 5Draw the outline of the torso, as well as the wendigo’s ribs. Make sure to draw lines across the stomach and then remove any unnecessary lines on the body. Also, draw hair on the pelvis area of the monster.

Step 6
It’s time to work using our wendigo’s arms. Draw out the outline of the thin and slender arms. When we have completed the process, we draw the hands out using extremely long, sharp, and terrifying fingers made of the wendigo.

Step 7
It’s left to draw the lower portion in the form of the human body. Draw the legs, which are thin and stiff by drawing all the muscles and tendons, as in our illustration. Draw the specifics of the feet, then remove all unnecessary strokes from your wendigo drawing.

Step 8
The last step of the course on drawing an elk will be dedicated to drawing shadows. We will create shadows using making hatching and then adding them to the areas that are not well lit on the body of the wendigo. Make the hair appear more realistic by drawing more lines like in our illustration. Then, at the end of each step make a shadow underneath the feet.

What other mythological creatures from, urban legends and fantasy are you looking to draw? Tell us about it to help us draw these creatures for you.

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