how to draw a wedding dress

In this drawing tutorial, the team will demonstrate the steps to draw the bridal dress. We will explain the fundamentals as well as the correct method of steps. You are able to choose the fashion and design of your dress according to your preferences.


Step 1

It is time to illustrate the beautiful dress using basic forms. In this stage, we draw a rectangle that looks similar to an actual floral pot. The drawing is located high on the sheet.




Step 2

The steps in this stage depend on the first idea you have. If you are looking to illustrate the length of a wedding dress, you could draw an outline like in our example. If you’d like to show an elongated dress, you could design the design of this dress according to your preferences.




Step 3.

In this stage, we will draw the shoulders and collar that this outfit comes with. It appears to be a “V” symbol. It is important to note that The shoulders on this gown are pushed to the ceiling.




Step 4

This is a short but crucial stage. This is where we define what the waistline looks like. On one hand, we see an uninvolved curvature. On the opposite, you’ll notice a slightly sloping straight line




Step 5

Let’s extend the bottom edge to the bottom of your dress. If you’re thinking of an elongated dress then you must make sure that the bottom edge is as narrow as it was in your mind.




Step 6

Let’s be thankful for the wedding dress. If you are satisfied with everything and you don’t notice any flaws, you may proceed to the next step. If you notice any errors, you need to correct them during this stage.




Step 7

We picked an elegant pink color for our wedding dress. You can pick any shade. If you want to make your dress appear beautiful and elegant it is recommended to avoid bright colors.




We hope this drawing guide has not caused you any problems. We’re waiting for your return on the website’s pages

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