How to Draw A Wave -

How to Draw A Wave

How to Draw A Wave

Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing day at the beach?

The golden sand, the bright blue sky , and perhaps a few palm trees are all part of that relaxing vacation vibe, however, of all the elements there’s one that performs the most to make this feeling materialize that is the sound from the sea!

It’s wonderful to listen to the gentle breeze of the ocean and to hear the sound of waves crashing upon the rocks.

How to Draw A Wave Step-By-Step

1st Step:

As with all drawing challenges Learning how to draw clouds will be much easier if break it into smaller, easier steps.

2nd Step:

Continue with the wave drawing We will add another line below the one you’ve drawn.

3rd Step:

It’s been slow and have been able to get it down to a minimum in this article for drawing an arc, and to finish this section we’ll start to add more dramatic curving lines to the wave.

4th Step:

Your drawing of a wave is beginning to appear more like real waves as you continue to add more details to it! We’ll be adding some curvier and straight waves to the wave during the next step.

5th Step:

Before moving on to coloring in the last stage, we’ll continue adding some detail with additional lines during this step.

6th Step:

Before we move on to coloring the final step, we’ll add certain details using additional lines throughout this stage.

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