How to Draw a Watermelon -

How to Draw a Watermelon

How to Draw a Watermelon

Nothing can beat a slice sweet watermelon during a scorching summer day! A bite of juicy watermelon can be refreshing anytime of the day and at any time in the whole year.

With its distinct taste and aroma It is certainly one of the most loved fruits for people of all ages.

Due to its distinctive appearance and vivid hues, many users have discovered watermelon fascinating to draw.

How to Draw a Watermelon Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Start by drawing a triangular shape that has a round bottom. This creates the outline that the watermelon will take.

2nd Step:

Extend the form of the watermelon by extending the dimensions on the right side. Draw the diagonal line using curving lines in the middle, in line with the outline we traced in the previous step.

3rd Step:

Expand the shape of the watermelon by expanding the dimensions to one part. Draw the diagonal line by using curving lines in the middle aligned with the outline have drawn in the previous step.

4th Step:

Sprinkle the seeds all across all the surfaces of your watermelon. They can also be made by drawing a small oval that is standing up with an edge that is pointed at the bottom.

5th Step:

Draw a curved line along your left hand side on middle of the watermelon.

6th Step:

Repeat the steps above to the opposite face of watermelon’s “face”. This will create the right eyebrow of the watermelon, completes its arched eyebrows.

7th Step:

Draw a U-shaped shape in the middle on the watermelon’s “face”. Next, draw a curving line just over the U-shaped curve that we just sketched.

8th Step:

Draw an exact circle design right below the left eye. This draws the left eye of the watermelon.

9th Step:

Repeat the step above under the eyebrow opposite to create your right eye. Once you have completed this process, left and right eye of the watermelon will be completed!

10th Step:

Play with colors and watching as the watermelon eventually becomes a living thing!

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