Today we will talk to you about drawing the watermelon. We have chosen this berry to help you practice your drawing skills by creating simple, but realistic sketches.

The lesson might appear easy, but you’ll need to pay attention to achieve a fantastic outcome. We’ve selected a certain degree for our watermelon however, if you feel it’s difficult, sketch it with no turning.

Step 1

We first sketch lines around the contours that the watermelon will have. There is a circular shape, which is flattened horizontally. Put this shape in the center of your paper. On the other side, we create a small circle.



Step 2

We now trace the contours of jagged stripes. These are the lines seen on the watermelon. Now, there are numerous varieties of watermelons with stones but with no stripes. This is obviously wrong Isn’t it?

Be aware that the stripes must taper into a smaller circle starting from the final step.



Step 3

Apply the paint over the stripes to make them really dark. The shading should always be vertical. Make sure to adhere to the same direction of hatching across every strip.



Step 4

The drawing process ends. In this phase, we’ll add shadows on the bottom and left sides of the watermelon. Shadows look like slanting dense shading. Be aware of how the orientation of hatching is different from that of hatching that was used in the earlier step.

Make sure not to create shadows for the earth. If you don’t, your watermelon will appear to hang in the air.


The lesson was about drawing the watermelon. We hope that you draw realistic results. Don’t forget to post information concerning us to your personal pages on social media. We will see you soon!

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