how to draw easy a watermelon

The watermelon is a simple topic to draw and you’ll be convinced in this instructional video on drawing watermelon. In reality, the watermelon is an oval, but not always perfectly shaped, but with the right appearance and shape. In any case, we’ll get to the actual lesson and experience what we can see.


Step 1

Let’s draw the watermelon using an easy oval. It’s not necessary to draw the same oval as in our example, you can alter it to be more round or longer. Also, it is not necessary to create lines that are perfectly smooth.




Step 2

At this point, the shape of balloons will turn into fruit (or a berry, since watermelon is a berry). In order to do this, let’s draw the watermelon’s stem with two irregular and light lines.




Step 3

The most notable and distinctive feature of a watermelon’s appearance is, obviously its texture. We can create this texture by using lots of lines that wind a long way. The lines should start at the point of the stem before extending to the watermelon.




Step 4

Make use of an eraser to remove any unnecessary guidelines from the drawing of the watermelon. Utilizing the more dark pencil or ink pen, draw the design to make it sharper, darker, and more appealing. Examine your drawing of fruit with ours. If everything is in line the way you want it to be, and you don’t notice any mistakes, then move on to the next step of this guide to drawing watermelon.




Step 5

We can paint our watermelon. Colored pencils, colors, or felt-tip pens are appropriate for this task. Paint the body of the watermelon with light and dark green, switching between the two shades. Paint the stem brown. Because there are various varieties of watermelon, it is possible to also paint the stem black-green.




The art of drawing a watermelon is quite easy, isn’t that? The team at believes that even the most inexperienced artist who read our post on drawing the fruit can easily master this easy job.

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