How to Draw a Waterfall

A waterfall can be described as a waterfall of water that falls from a high point. It typically occurs by a stream or river that runs over a precipice or an incline that is steep.

Waterfalls are among the most stunning natural scenery Some of the most popular waterfalls include Niagara Falls and Angel Falls.

The stunning beautifulness of waterfalls and the fascination of the natural landscape has resulted in an immense demand for a waterfall drawing free tutorial.

How to Draw a Waterfall Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Begin by drawing what we call”the “base rock” on the left side of the waterfall. Draw curved lines that symbolize what is the rock that forms part of it.

2nd Step:

The next time, we’ll add a second layers of rocks to create a “wall” right on top of the base rock.

3rd Step:

In this next step we’ll make what appears to be the volume of water that fell from the waterfall.

4th Step:

We will add an additional layer of flow.

5th Step:

In this stage we’ll draw the outline or silhouette of the waterfall .

6th Step:

This step we’ll draw a diagonal line that connects the drawing we made earlier in the fifth step to the line we sketched at the end of step 3.

7th Step:

At this point, we’ll make another rock wall exactly like the one we created in Step 2.

8th Step:

We will now be making a smaller replica of our base rock (the one you sketched at the beginning of Step 1) to create the right-hand part of the waterfall.

9th Step:

As you will see in the drawing above, we’ve used the color white, with a few hues of white and blue. However, you can add more color to the illustration!

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