How to Draw A Water Bottle Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

In the initial step of this guide on drawing the outline of a water bottle in this tutorial, we’ll sketch its outline. We will not provide any specifics at this point, but we’ll add these in the next steps! At present, we’ll apply some curves to the bottle.

Caps of bottles will form a rectangular rounded shape with an elongated rim on the bottom. The bottle will be extended from that point, and the initial of these lines will then be drawn to form the bulge that will be the first to appear on the bottle.

It will then curve inward and outwards again, creating more curves. At the end of it there will be circles in the base of the bottle, just like in the image reference.

Step 2. Draw some specifics on the bottles of water
You’ve finished the sketch of your water bottle So, now we can begin drawing the first details in the next step.

At the moment, the details are very simple, however, in the future, they will become more complex. Then draw a few short curved lines horizontally across the bottle, and then draw some lines to draw lines in the bottom.

The information we include will be used to create the label for the bottle, and also provide some form clarity on the bottle. Now we’re ready to go!

Step 3 – Continue adding some subtle details
Continue reading this guide on drawing water bottles, and we will provide additional information to draw. In the beginning, draw some vertical, short lines on the cap of your bottle.

They’ll form ridges that cause friction between your fingers which allows you to turn it.

Then, draw a second horizontal line along the bottle’s body to make the upper portion of your label. You can decorate this label later on should you wish but for now, we’ll continue towards the following step.

Step 4 – Continue to add specific information
You’re doing an excellent job with this water bottle sketch! We’ll add additional details in the fourth step.

As you can see in the image reference We will also add little-curved vertical lines to the bottle in order to make it more distinct in shape. These are small details but can make a huge impact!

As we move to the next phase, we’ll apply some finishing elements to make it look finished before we begin coloring.

Step 5 – Finish adding the specifics of this water bottle design
The last step, where you color your drawing is near however, we must first make a few more minor details to this part of the drawing water bottle drawing tutorial. The first step is to draw some curves at the top of the bottle, to show how much liquid has been poured into it.

This is all you need to know about the last details, but it does not mean that you can’t proceed! At this point, you may also add details that you would like to add to complete the image.

We have mentioned that you can draw specifics on the label, and this is a fantastic option to personalize your image. Perhaps you can create your personal label style!

Try different ideas, such as drawing backgrounds and other items. Perhaps you could share other beverages or foods you’d like to try with the contents of the water bottle is containing. You should be sure to think of something new and have fun!

Step 6 – Finish your water bottle design using some colors
This is the final stage of your painting with water bottles procedure and it is here that you can begin coloring your masterpiece!

In the image we used as a reference we have used various shades of gray and blue to highlight the image however that’s only an idea.

You can choose any color you are fond of for this coloring, because the bottles usually come with vibrant and bright colors that will decorate the bottles.

Alternately, you could show that the bottle is containing something else than water. Maybe you can use a shade of brown to prove that there’s a delicious coca-cola inside the bottle.

It is also possible to entertain yourself by using the art medium you pick for this photo. Colored pencils and watercolor paints are excellent choices for a more subtle style.

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