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How to Draw a Warthog Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Step 1

Begin by drawing Worthog’s head. Start at the top of the head and create a series of curves. Turn it toward the left cheek. Before you go down, move the line back in. Bend it to make the snout and where the tusks go. Turn it over and create a bumpy curve to the muzzle. To make space for the next tusk, continue drawing the curve upwards towards its top.

Step 2

Draw ivory at the end of your drawn shape. These are two curves that meet at an angle and join the head at the near-end curves on each side of the nose. Draw two circles on the nose for the nostrils, and two lines above your muzzle.

Step 3

Let’s move on to the ears. To make the ears look thicker, create a triangle with curving edges for the left ear. Add a curve on the top. Next, add curves to the top of your animal’s head before you bring in the other ear. To begin, draw two curved lines, then draw a straight line down, and then curve to the left and right to create the bottom of your right ear.

Step 4

Next, draw Worthog’s eyes. To create the eyeball, draw an oval-shaped circle around the eyes. Draw a line close to the head with a straight line. You’ve now drawn your eyes.

Step 5

The first leg is now. The first leg should begin just below the animal’s nose and move down gently. It looks a little like a trunk, with a small root at the back. Two small triangles should be placed just below the front foot for hooves.

Step 6

Before drawing a line horizontally, bend down and form a tree-like shape like the first leg. For the hooves add two triangles and then draw gently up and back. You now have two legs.

Step 7

Draw a curve to create your Warthog’s belly.

Step 8

Draw the hair. You can do this by drawing a straight line between your ears and then making two curves that go down and to the left. The fur’s shape is determined by the fur’s shape. The bottom line represents the animal’s back. To make it appear more opaque, these two lines should be joined by a jagged line.

Step 9

Now, let’s move on to the hind legs. Now draw a straight line from the middle of your hair and create a hump at the Warthog’s back. The line will descend into a tree-like shape with two triangular claws at its base.

Step 10

Let’s now add a bent leg to the beginning before we go down into two triangle nails. To make it even more beautiful, add a little spike to the leg at the back.

Step 11

Finally, we can make the tail! It’s as simple as drawing a line that runs down and curves behind the animal’s rear hump, ending in a narrow triangle. Now you are done! You’re done with the hedgehog!


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