How to Draw a Walrus

This drawing instruction will teach you how to draw a walrus, a cute and large marine mammal.

This animal is very interesting. Its huge tusks will be easy to recognize. They resemble the canine teeth of a saber-toothed tiger.

This animal is easy to draw. It doesn’t have complicated hands or legs. The mammal’s face is simple and contains few details.


Step 1

To draw a walrus and not make it look too small, you need to first show its head and torso in a round shape, much like a large potato. Don’t try to draw perfect lines.




Step 2

You can also connect the head to the torso of the marine mammal with a few lines. This guide shows you how to draw a Walrus.




Step 3

Draw the long tail of your walrus using a straight line. Our walrus now looks more like an enormous slug.




Step 4

Next, draw your mouth towards the head of the walrus. The muzzle of the animal should fit very comfortably into the forehead.




Step 5

Draw a small eye and two long, straight tusks. Don’t try to make your fangs very sharp. We aren’t drawing a monster.




Step 6

Draw the flippers. You should also draw the folds around the curves to give them a realistic and voluminous look.




Step 7

This is probably the most straightforward stage in the instructions on drawing a walrus. This stage is a simple one. Simply draw the tail flipper using a waving line.




Step 8

Let’s dive into the details to make our walrus drawing convincing. Draw the nostrils, whiskers, and tusks.




Step 9

With several lines, draw the folds of the body. This will make the walrus drawing more realistic and highlight the volume.




Step 10

Eliminate all auxiliary construction lines from the initial stages. You can also darken the walrus drawing to give it a more finished look.




Step 11

A light taupe was used for the skin, ivory to make the tusks, and black for our eyes. The walrus will look more vibrant if you leave a small highlight in the eye.




The tutorial on drawing walrus is complete. You can also add shadows to enhance the art. You can also depict the animal’s natural environment. You can give your drawing a more atmospheric feel by including ice mountains or ice holes.

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