Today, we’ve made one of the most challenging walnut drawing tutorials. We will show you the drawing process of the walnut.

You’re probably bored of drawing a nut. But, we’ve created a unique shape and difficult shadows.

Step 1

We will first draw a normal round figure. It is the outline of the walnut. Therefore, make sure to draw very thin lines. The primary thing we have to accomplish here is to get the most circular shape.



Step 2

Continue drawing the walnut, and draw two curving circles around it. drawn from the previous step. Actually, it’s quite similar to the rings on the surface of the earth. Have you ever been to the planet Saturn or even seen it?


Step 3

In the final step, we’ll draw the contours of our kernel of the nut. The best way to draw the contours is to use straight and wavy lines, as we can observe in the sketch below. Do you notice that the walnut has a lot in common with the brain?


Step 4

Then, using perfectly smooth and clear lines sketch out the entire picture. The lines of walnut must be straight but the structure itself must be smooth and clean. Remove the other guidelines from the three previous steps, and try to make your drawing as smooth as it can be. The final lines of the walnut core use clear, dark lines.


Step 5

It’s important to make the results more realistic, don’t you think? To achieve this, we’ll include shadows. Also, with the aid of dense hatching, smoothly shades the areas where light is not falling. To get the best real-world effect, you could add more layers of hatching, in particular, of different directions.


We are hoping that you will have the same experience as our case. If you are having any problems don’t despair. Take a fresh sheet and try again making note of all the mistakes you made on your previous attempts. Contact us if you are having issues drawing. We take all of your comments seriously and will try to meet your requests and suggestions. To improve your drawing abilities to new levels, browse our website and find the most fascinating lessons and begin the process of learning. Come back soon!


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