How To Draw A Wallaby

How To Draw A Wallaby

Step one:

Make the sketch of the wallaby quickly and then lightly on the paper.

Step three:

Let’s sketch the head’s form as well.

Step four:

Then, we’ll draw ears, too.

Step five:

Below, I’ve divided down the steps so that you can see how simple you can draw the facial expression for this cute girl!

Step six:

Then you should draw the neck, and begin to draw the stomach and the back.

Step seven:

Draw his hands!

Step eight:

After that, working each leg separately start by drawing the leg on the left first, then draw the belly, and finally the connecting leg.

Step nine:

Then draw the tail of the newborn Kangaroo.

Step ten:

When you are happy with the final result you have drawn, you can go on and break open fine tipped Sharpies or Microns and sketch your design out to give it a neat and striking look! Thanks for taking the time to look over my tutorial, you guys!

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