Dear readers welcome to our drawing tutorial on drawing the wakizashi step-by-step. As you are aware, it is the shortest traditional Japanese sword. It was most commonly employed by the samurai as well as worn along belts. He was together with the Katana.

Step 1
Then draw a curved line to form an upper edge to the blade.

Step 2
Then, using a second curving line, trace the lower edge and connect them as we did in the previous example.

Step 3
Draw out both the pommel guard and the pommel with an oval.

Step 4
Make sure you draw the line of sharpening as well as the collar located near the guard.

Step 5
Draw intersecting lines to draw a wrap around the grip.

Step 6
Paint the grip in black and add shadows, glare, and sparkle with quick strokes.

This was a drawing lesson on drawing the”wakizashi”. As you can see, this lesson was quite similar to the one about Katana. Don’t overlook posting this lesson and other drawing lessons we teach and follow us on social networks.

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