How to Draw a Vw Van

How to Draw a Vw Van

Step one:

Another lesson. Begin with a circle to guide the van and then a small circle for your hippie driver.

Step two:

From a front view, draw the van’s actual shape. Next, draw the bumper.

Step three:

Now draw the windshield, then the wipers. Next is the rearview mirror. Finally, hang the lei from the mirror.

Step four:

You can be creative with the decorations, but keep in mind the VW van’s classic front design. You can add peace symbols, flowers, or whatever suits your personality.

Step five:

Add a curly swirl to the windshield frame. Next, draw the driver’s name and the side mirrors. Don’t forget the steering wheel. Learn from your mistakes and guideline.

Step six:

Now you can color your VW van.

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