How to Draw a Vulture

In this lesson, we’ll show how to draw ways to draw a bird called a vulture among the more terrifying and mythological birds.

The creature is often seen in mythology, stories, and comics. A cult and well-known Spider-Man’s enemy is the Vulture the old man wearing a vulture costume who gives him his ability to fly.

Additionally, the vulture was also a symbol of devotion in the time of the old Egyptians and was a symbol of the goddess Nekhbet who was depicted as an eagle.

But it is important to know that there are a variety of varieties of vultures. So, in this article, we will explain what a drawing for a Vulture should look like on the most well-known shape.


Step 1

To accurately portray the anatomy of a vulture, first, draw its body parts in terms of basic geometric shapes. Begin by drawing a tiny head in a circle, and a huge torso as an oval that is elongated.




Step 2

Draw a couple of drawings to show the vulture’s beak. The beak’s tip should be downwards. Then, you can make use of two curves to draw the throat of the vulture.




Step 3

A relatively simple step where we can draw the details for the beak. Begin by drawing an outline of the beak that divides it into the lower and upper sections. Then draw a line that separates the face of your beak and the back.




Step 4

Then draw an oval-shaped eye with a tiny, round pupil that is in the middle. To confirm the correctness and proportionality of the drawing You can either remove it from your site or view it through a mirror.




Step 5

Let’s draw one of the most striking elements of the vulture’s body the white collar. The feathers on this collar need to be scattered and oriented in various directions.




Step 6

By drawing long lines, trace the wings. The wings’ length should be roughly similar to the size of the body. The upper portion of the wings should create the appearance of shoulders that are raised.




Step 7

Utilize a pair of U-shaped lines that have an unbalanced bottom for drawing the top part of the legs. Then draw the lower portions of the legs using straightforward vertical lines.




Step 8

Draw long fingers and sharp claws at the end. Then, we’ll draw your notice that there 4 toes per leg however due to the angle of our view we only see three toes.




Step 9

Let’s begin adding more details, or the feathers. Draw feathers on the wings with many U-shaped lines. Make simple lines to draw the tail as well as feathers on the ends of the tail.




Step 10

With a large number of short, curving lines, trace the plumage onto the chest of the vulture. These lines must be roughly equal distances from each other.




Step 11

Take out all lines of construction from the drawing. They are no longer required. To create a more vivid drawing you can trace the drawing of the vulture using clearer and darker lines.




Step 12

Let’s bring some colors to our sketch. Paint the neck and head in deep pink and the beak is dark yellow The collar is white and the body in brown as well as the legs with orange shades. Eyes can be painted either yellow or dark red.




Additionally, you can include highlights and shadows to your work. This gives your drawing of a vulture the appearance of a larger bird. To make your drawing better, you could draw the area where the bird is sitting. It could be the form of a rock or branch.

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