The time for change is now, isn’t it? You might not be a fan of this, but we are blessed with one of the most significant features of the future. It is a virtual reality headset. In the past, the world dreamed of a device like this. Nowadays, many people can play on this amazing device and take a virtual tour.

Let’s begin this lesson about drawing the VR headset step-by-step!


Step 1

Begin by drawing your outline of the strap and the case. The structure of our device resembles an enormous quadrilateral volumetric figure with smooth corners.


Step 2

This step can be seen and thought it is too many things in this step. In actuality, you must draw two edges in the front and the rear on the body.


Step 3

Include a few lines on the strap. They are buckles that allow you to adjust the length of the strap. It’s possible that you’ll notice that the vertical lines are in the direction of the right.


Step 4

Let’s improve our VR headset more real. We’re talking about the look and feel of our device obviously. We draw a subtle, light shade of color on the top of the device, and in certain areas of the strap. In the final step, you will draw two Oblique lines across both sides of your VR headset.


Today, we sketched a symbol that always referred to the future. We are thrilled to have completed this class because it’s time to get into our air vehicle and head to the smart home. We will see you on our website!

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