If you’re a frequent user of our website and you are a regular reader, you may be aware that our website has a lot of cool automobiles like BMW as well as Mercedes-Benz. For some reason, we don’t have all of the Volkswagen automobiles drawn. We decided today to rectify this injustice and have created a tutorial about drawing Volkswagen Passat CC.

Step 1
All vehicles on our website are drawn using a typical scenario. The first step we take is to sketch the outline of the car. These comprise the upper and lower parts of the car.

Step 2
In the front of the car, sketch out the outline of the headlights as well as the radiator grille. In the lateral portion of the body, draw the outline of wheels.

Step 3
The base of Volkswagen is in place and we must begin working on the specifics. By drawing clear lines, we can draw the headlights and grille, with the brand name “Volkswagen” in the center.

Step 4
Above the headlights, you can take the bonnet off. Below the headlights, carefully draw out the lower radiator grille and the outlines of the bumper, and fog lights.

Step 5
In keeping with along the line of the hood, carefully trace lines of the roof’s slope. Then draw the outline of the windows and the angled rear-view mirrors.

Step 6
In continuation of the roof, create an outline of the trunk and the tail light. Draw lines for the door handle for the doors and the bottom that the vehicle.

Step 7
With the aid of smooth lines and rounded edges sketch out the contours of wheel arches, as well as wheel arches themselves.

Step 8
It’s now time to sketch out the wheels. Draw wheel rims as in our example, or make up your own rims designs.

Step 9
With the aid of long hatches, we can add glare to the body and windows of the Volkswagen Passat CC. By using dense hatching, we can create shadows.

It was a lesson in”Cars,” a category “Cars” in which we demonstrated ways to draw the Volkswagen Passat CC.

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