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Dear artists and admirers of automobiles. The team at created drawing instructions on drawing the Volkswagen Beetle.

Step 1
The Volkswagen Beetle is very round So, grab an eraser and, using very smooth and light lines, sketch the basic outline of the roof and body that the automobile.

Step 2
On the front, sketch out those famous headlights with an oval shape. Then sketch out the rearview mirrors and wheel arches, and wheels.

Step 3
Let’s get started with the details of this Volkswagen Beetle drawing. With the aid of smooth and clear lines, draw the headlights and hood. On the bonnet, draw the Volkswagen logo. Volkswagen.

Step 4
Continue working on your front end of the Volkswagen Beetle and draw out the front bumper using the grille and fog lights. You can make use of markers or ink to draw your Volkswagen sketch.

Step 5
By drawing curved lines, we can create a sketch of the windows, roofs,s, and mirrors in our car. Don’t forget to remove all lines that are not needed from the front and roof.

Step 6
Continue to follow the drawing guideline for drawing the Volkswagen Beetle. Draw the handle, door as well as the sill and back of the vehicle.

Step 7
Make sure you draw the Volkswagen’s wheels as well as arches. Be very careful when drawing the wheels. They should be smooth and round.

Step 8
Draw the rims. The first step is to draw a circle in the middle of the rims. Then, draw and depict the “rays” that depart from the center and extend to around the edges.

Step 9
In the final step, we can add shadows. We do this by hatching at places where the light cannot drop. For instance, under those wheel arches.

Today, we sketched one of the world’s most well-known automobiles ever made – The Volkswagen Beetle. If you’d like more drawing lessons like this make sure to share this tutorial with your friends and join our social media channels. If you’ve enjoyed the video tutorial on drawing the Volkswagen Beetle, then ensure that you share it with your acquaintances and follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.


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